Society is constantly changing. I believe designers can play an important role in guiding which direction it will change. Design is everywhere and will always be. In products we use, buildings we enter and cars we drive. This is why designers can influence society by designing how they want to see the world. This thought can be scary, however, it can also be a good thing, because designers can help society by creating products that will help people in their daily lives I believe that when you design a product that will help people individually, eventually society as a whole can be changed as a result, by being more efficient for example.

This is also the direction I want to go in as a designer. I want to be able to help people by designing products that will improve the quality of the daily life of the people using the products. This can be done by making products that will help people with activities in their daily lives or make life easier by creating products with a satisfying user experience, for example, but also by helping people with injuries or other physical limitations due to illness or I want to achieve this by learning about certain injuries and how those patients can be helped with a product. Furthermore, I want to get a better understanding of the functionality of a product and how this can be improved so it becomes easier to use.

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