As a person, I like to be around and work with many different people. In my opinion, a design project is not something that you can do on your own, since every person has different qualities and can have ideas or opinions that can be helpful in a design process. Personally, I like to take a leadership role within a project, so I can keep an overview of the deadlines, if everybody is satisfied and look for possible improvements. Furthermore, I am somebody who is not afraid to take hard choices and be the person that addresses difficult or sensitive topics and speaks up when they have to say something. Whether this is in design choices, managing people or group dynamic. Some things just need to be taken care of and I can be the person to tackle those problems. Also, some choices need to be taken with care and by people who are able to be neutral and oversee all the possibilities. I believe I can be that person. I am not afraid to make choices others are not willing to take and if the choices turn out to be wrong, I will take responsibility for that. I also value it a lot when other people speak up to me and correct me when I am doing something wrong. I believe that if you are working in a group project, it is important to correct each other and have discussions about certain topics to make sure everybody is on the same track.

As a designer, this skill is also very useful. In a design process, there are a lot of people involved and it is very easy to lose focus and get confused. I believe this can be solved easily by talking with each other frequently. Not only about the things that are going well but also about the negatives and uncertainties. If this is done well and constructively, design problems can be solved fairly easily. When designing, I like to do much literary research and use that knowledge to make design decisions. I also like to start working on the final prototype early on in the design process, as you will run into plenty of problems you could not see coming by only imagining something. By combining literary research, group brainstorming (with the 5-3-2 card switch method for example) and prototyping, I believe great ideas can be formed.

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