Before I started studying Industrial Design, I finished Atheneum Extra at Vechtdal College Hardenberg. This means that I participated in the Begaafheidsprofielscholen (BPS) program, where I did many different projects and design challenges. For such projects, we had to make greenhouses, smart intersections and junctions for self-driving cars and had to do research about the plan to put humans on Mars. By doing these projects, I learned a lot about working together with different people and how to take on a design process by taking all the stakeholders into consideration, making different iterations and doing literary research on advanced topics.
Furthermore, I also participated in two masterclasses at the University of Twente. In one we had to come up with a solution to a specific problem that would be encountered when building a civilization on Mars. The second masterclass was about quantum computers. Here we had lectures and weekly assignments about the functioning and inner workings of quantum computers.

Poster for the solution we had for the lack of building materials and blocks when building houses on Mars

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