In the following years, I want to pursue my vision by doing a mix of more technical courses from Mechanical Engineering and user-centred courses from Industrial Design to gain knowledge to make technical products to help users.
 I would also like in either the New Futures or the Vitality for Project 2, however, my first choice goes out to New Futures. This is because I believe the New Features squad will better suit my interest of combining quality of life with technological solutions than vitality. 
To further pursue my vision, I will keep reading a lot. Last year I wanted to reach 50 pages a week, but now this changed to reading at least 3 research papers a week. By doing this I will further improve my skills in the English language to reach a professional academic level in speaking as well as writing, by reading and thus interacting with a wide variety of words and sentence structures at a high level. 
Furthermore, I will try to focus more on improving 3 main expertise areas in-depth rather than trying to improve every expertise area at the same time, because for me that can feel overwhelming and rushed, because I can not give it the attention and effort I would like to give. 
Lastly, I want to spend more time and effort in my vision development and find at least 3 companies that inspire me. Right now I have a broad idea of which direction to go in and I believe this needs to be more in-depth and specific. 

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